Gone but not forgotten is a new project created by Designer Thony Anyiam to honor and remember those who lost their lives due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across the globe, and 9/11 victims.

The project will cover 225 countries and territories. The purpose of the project is to put a face to the millions from near and far lands across the globe who lost their lives to COVID-19. Their stories are told by those who knew and loved them the most, stories that are not shown on the evening news.

It is a huge undertaking, the first of its kind of this scope to date and we need and appreciate all the help and support to make it successful.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for donations. The funds will be used for administrative and operational purposes. Whatever amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated. No amount is too small.

The goal is to make the website a permanent memorial stay on the internet, where people can search for and read stories about the lives of friends, family members, and ordinary folks who died from the virus across the globe.

The service is free and we do not collect or store personal information. Human verification is required to post and read stories.

Thanks for your support and please spread the word!
Website: www.gonebutneverforgotten.online

Methods and Credits

Many of the posted stories for the project came from online publications and print media, and we would like to extend credits to them. Worth noting some of the articles were edited due to limitations on the number of words per individual allowed.

We will gladly delete any individual’s posting that is deemed inappropriate or not authorized or objected to the story being published, using our contact us form.

Contributions from victims’ families, friends, and these publications:

Staff reports from news organizations, including The New York 1

Spectrum News (“Lives Lost”), New York Post, New York Daily News, Patch, and others

Paid obituaries from Legacy.com and local news publications

Announcements from victims’ private and public-sector employers and unions

Official releases from city and state agencies, including online /publications Police Department, the Fire Department, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Special thanks to Hashtag Systems Inc. and Phoenix Blue Academic Editing Services.