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ANDREW ANTHONY ABATE-37 Andrew was born on September 6, 1964, just three short years after his brother Vincent. Although this is a Biography of the Life of Andrew, it is difficult to separate his life from that of his Brother Vincent ... You See, right from the start, it was apparent that the boys were not just brothers but good friends. They had a unique kind of respect for one another. As bright little boys, they attended St. Francis Cabrini School where they acquired the early academic skills that were so necessary towards their continuing education. In addition, they developed valuable religious values which they carried with them throughout their lives. They then went on to Poly Prep Country Day School, which was probably the most enjoyable part of their education. At Poly they participated in their respective sports and grew into lively teenagers who were furthering their educations, preparing for their futures and doing it all with an enormous amount of pleasure and pride. After Poly, Andrew went to C.W. Post, where he met Carolyn. From that moment on, Andrew had a future wife and Vincent had a sister. Naturally, when Andrew and Carolyn were married, they chose Vincent to serve as Best Man at their wedding. Andrew posed proudly with his arm around his brother. When Vincent's job took him to London, Andrew and Carolyn vacationed there and all three shopped at Harrod's Department Store for memorable Christmas ornaments for the family Christmas Tree which they decorated together at Andrew and Carolyn's home in Melville, Long Island. On summer weekends Andrew and Carolyn often drove to Vincent's summer house on the Jersey shore where they enjoyed the sun, the ocean breeze, some good fishing, and, most of all just being together. They treasured their weekends at the shore. Everyone referred to Andrew and Vincent as "Best Friends".. .... "Brothers at Work and Play" ... That's why it was no surprise that on the morning of September 11, 2001, when the terrorist plane struck the World Trade Center, Andrew and Vincent were together, at work at Cantor Fitzgerald, on the 105th Floor of Tower One. Their lives on this earth ended that terrible day, but we will always remember Andrew and Vincent as those Bright Little Boys who grew into Lively Teenagers and emerged as Intelligent, Successful Bond Traders who were highly respected in their field. They possessed wonderful family values and throughout their lives, they treated each other, as well as every person with whom they connected, with kindness, courtesy and respect.