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Dar'yana Dyson's mom, Kandace Knight, said the teenager died from complications of the coronavirus. The teenager attended Milford Mill High School in Baltimore County and would have turned 16 next month. The Maryland Department of Health confirmed the first death in the state from a COVID-19-associated condition called Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C). The MDH said MIS-C is a severe inflammatory syndrome where pediatric patients present with features similar to Kawasaki disease, according to a national health alert issued last week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. MIS-C appears to be rare and most children who get COVID-19 will not develop MIS-C, according to the CDC. Knight spoke to 11 News Monday as she took a break from planning her daughter's funeral. "It happened so fast. I never thought that taking my daughter to the hospital for a stomach pain that I wouldn't be walking out of there with her," Knight said. Knight took her daughter to the hospital on May 11. She had a fever, stomach pains and didn't want to eat. Eventually, she also developed a rash. Knight described it as coming on very quickly. "It was through her whole body, through her feet, her hands, her back and then it just disappeared. We never seen the rash again," Knight said. Knight said her daughter initially tested negative for coronavirus, but then doctors tested her for the antibodies. "They took her back to an isolated room and said that she had tested positive for the antibodies of corona," she said. "They said that somehow or another, she got both the coronavirus and the children's one." Knight said her daughter was placed on a ventilator. Then, on Saturday, six days after being admitted to the hospital, she died. "She just was too good for this world she was too good for this world. She was so beautiful, she was too good for this world," Knight said