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As the father of three girls who had gone to dancing school since they were toddlers, Edelmiro Abad, widely known as Ed, was a proud fixture at dozens of recitals. So it was with delight that he supported his middle child's aspiration to open her own dance studio someday. "He was right there with me," said his daughter Jennifer, 23. "This was something he wanted as much as I did." Mr. Abad, 54, who lived in Brooklyn with his wife, Lorraine, and three daughters ‹ including Rebecca, 26, and Serena, 19 ‹ was also a fixture at Fiduciary Trust Company International, where he was senior vice president and had worked for 26 years. The company was a second home, his relatives said, and its staff another family. His family members have met with co-workers who shared offices with Mr. Abad on the 90th floor of 2 World Trade Center. "Some of the people who survived are devastated," Ms. Abad said. "They don't know how to go on." Ed was my first "real world" co-worker. I remember him as funny and kind and as a good family man. My heart goes out to his grieving family. He was a very good person and he'll be missed. Dorothy Farrell Commander, a former co-worker I met you only once yet you were a kind and loving man. Your sister, my friend, and colleague Hortensia loved you and your family misses you. Bless you. May your soul rest peacefully