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Your death was rumored to us and it is true after all. The vacuum that you have left will take years to fill. We still love you even though you are gone. If there is indeed life after death, then we shall one day meet again. -Yaw Amofah, very good friend Hi my name is Brandon May. I go to Elkhorn Middle School in Frankfort , Ky. I am so sorry that you lost a love one. I hope your family is doing fine over this. I know that it’s really sad around this time and knowing that who did this is still out there free. If I lost a love one like that I would go nuts but I didn't and you did and I am so sorry that it happened like that. He was just minding his own business like everyone else working and this happened. I hope you are doing good and I’m glad they did something for everyone who died. I will be thinking of you and your family in my prayers. sincerely, Brandon On this 20th anniversary, I was given Emmanuel's name to remember. I cannot express how sorry I am for your loss of your loved one. I did not know Emmanuel, but I know he will live in my heart and the hearts of all America. He was so young and it saddens me that he had so much of his life left to live. I pray you find peace on this day and every day. -Jeri Rasor