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Ignatius Udo Adanga was born 62 years ago in Nigeria. As a young man, he left home for Lagos, the capital. He moved on to Liberia and then Germany before migrating to New York some two decades ago. Mr. Adanga's quest for a better life led him through a series of city and state jobs in housing, probation, children's services, and, finally, the planning department of the Metropolitan Transportation Council, at the World Trade Center. For all that, Mr. Adanga struck those who knew him as energetic rather than restless. He always seemed to have spare time to help family members — his wife, Afiong, and three daughters — friends and co-workers. "Your country or your nativity was immaterial," said McLord Obiora, a friend, at a memorial service early this month. Judith Wilson, a co-worker for the past year, said Mr. Adanga not only took the time to help her settle in but also became a mentor for her son Kareem, 10, when he learned she was a single parent. "I was always going to him for advice," she said.