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After 24 years with the telephone company, Jack Charles Aron found himself with a few months off between jobs and was never happier. Staying at home meant he could spend all day taking care of his son, Timothy, which was especially important for Mr. Aron because his own childhood had been very unhappy. It was also important because he and his wife had been forced to wait years before having their son. More recently, Mr. Aron, 52, worked in information technology at Marsh & McLennan, leaving before dawn and traveling by car, train and ferry so he could be home in Bergenfield, N.J., in time to coach his son's Little League and basketball games. Although he was often so sour at home that his wife Evelyn referred to him as "Mr. Grumpy," he was very easygoing on the ballfield or the court, she said. Four years ago, the couple bought some land in the Philippines, where Mrs. Aron is from, and developed a salt farm. They called it Jet Farm (using the first letters of Jack, Evelyn, and Timothy), and Mr. Aron told people he might like to live there after he retired. The investment earned Mr. Aron a new nickname at work: Jack Aron the Salt Baron.