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Jacquelyn Aldridge's family called her "the connector," because she was the one who always knew what everyone was up to. Ms. Aldridge grew up in Tampa but moved to Staten Island in 1979, joining a sister who was living there at the time. She worked as an accountant for Marsh & McLennan, and was in constant touch with her two sisters and brother, even though none of them lived in New York. "She was always one of those who pulled folks together," said her oldest sister, Delores P. Aldridge, who lives in Atlanta. Their parents, who always emphasized to their children that they should get good educations, died in the 90's. The siblings remained close; Delores Aldridge said she talked to Jackie, as her family called their youngest sibling, once or twice a week. Jackie Aldridge married three years ago, to Lafayette Fredericks, and continued living in Staten Island. She would have turned 47 this month, said her longtime friend, Stephanie Wright. She was someone who raced to take advantage of everything New York City had to offer -- jazz concerts, plays, new restaurants. "I used to tease her that she was a girl from Tampa who got New Yorkanized," Ms. Wright said.