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Margaret (Peggy) Jezycki Alario

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Because Peggy Alario's Bronco was always the first one in the commuter lot and the last out, her friends on Staten Island staved off alarm as the hours passed on Sept. 11 and her little green truck was still parked there. But Mrs. Alario, a manager at Zurich American Insurance Company, had been at a meeting on the 105th floor of 2 World Trade Center. With only a high school diploma and some college courses, Mrs. Alario, 41, put in 12- hour days and Sundays, proudly building a career that had her working on national and international corporate policies. Her most successful partnership, however, was her 18-year marriage to James, who worked at home so he could watch their two sons. "I did everything around the house for her so she wouldn't have to worry and could spend time with the boys," said Mr. Alario of his vivacious, outgoing wife, whom he met on the dance floor and who still loved dancing at Rod Stewart concerts. Mrs. Alario always got home for the final Little League innings, to supervise homework and put the boys to bed, making the sign of the cross over their foreheads. Only then would she put on running shoes and tool around the neighborhood for a good 45 minutes. "She worked so hard so we could retire early together," Mr. Alario said.