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Michael Andrews, 34, was the "grouchiest nice guy you would ever want to meet," his fiancée, Liz Smith, said. He talked tough and acted sweet – a "walking oxymoron." He had graduated from Xavier High School and Fairfield University and worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. He also owned a Manhattan bar, Coppersmith's, with five friends. He was such an obsessive Yankees fan that if they hit a home run while Liz was in the kitchen, she would have to stay there, for luck. They grew up together in Rockaway, Queens, and began dating in the spring of 1999. Soon after, Liz's brother was murdered. "I feel he was totally supposed to be in my life," she said. "He was so strong for me, so wonderful. And I think I was meant to be in his life to make him happy." He called her Morty, as in "Morty, I love you guy" – his farewell the morning of Sept. 11. Mike's family – he is one of seven brothers and sisters – calls Liz his fiancée, but she says she wasn't, yet. One of his co-workers told her after the attack that he was planning to propose this month.