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He worked for Fuji Bank, where he was a security officer and was killed in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. His survivors include his daughter, Balynda Adams. His name can be found on Panel S-45 of the National September 11 Memorial in Manhattan, New York City, New York . When Patrick Adams would return home from work at Fuji Bank, he would greet not only his family but the fish in the aquarium at the Adamses' apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn, said his daughter Balynda Adams. "He would come home and say to them, 'How are you doing?' " she said. "He would call them 'the boys.' " Mr. Adams, 61, was a security officer in Fuji's offices in 2 World Trade Center, working on the 81st floor. After one of the hijacked airliners struck the building and ignited a raging fire, "he called and said he was trapped in the World Trade Center," Ms. Adams said. "We got it on the answering machine." "He was basically a family man," Ms. Adams said. "He would make sure everything is O.K., everybody is happy." As for his relationship with marine life, it was not limited to the home aquarium. "He liked fishing, and would go to Connecticut to fish," his daughter said.