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As a child, Patrick M. Aranyos, a bond broker with Euro Brokers at 2 World Trade Center, was known as Mr. Smiley. As an adult, his life revolved around an enormous cast of companions. He would ask them "How are you doing?" and expect an answer. "There was a tilt of the head and a look in the eye," said John Minardo, who met him at Boston College, "that said he really wanted to know." They flocked to his Halloween parties, where he dressed as a flamenco dancer one year. They knew he loved football; he insisted on participating, even as a skinny 16- year-old dwarfed by bulkier players. "He was like a knife, he was so thin," said his mother, Winnie, remembering the lineup at his school in North Palm Beach, Fla. "But he persevered." In New York, they came by the dozens to go out with him at night or rolled into town from Europe, knowing they would always have a place to stay — at Patrick's. "You know how so many people in New York are so work-driven?" said his girlfriend, Alex Kearney. "He wasn't like that." "He would give his right arm for anybody," said Ted Franchetti, one of his roommates. A friend above all else, guided by his desire to see others happy, and enjoy life. An amazing brother and a caring son. He thought all of us how to be a better friend. A part of all of us died on Sept 11. -John, friend