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Story Posted By: Dave Rixon, neighbor
Relationship to the deceased:
He had his business card that gave his address as Tower 1, 101st Floor, World Trade Center," Gwyn Adams said of her son, Shannon. "He was so proud of that, coming from a town where his high school class had 34 kids. It doesn't even have a red light. It has a couple of stop signs." It was his longstanding dream to leave Star Lake, N.Y., population 860, for something a little bigger. "He was going 100 miles an hour all the time, it seems like," said his father, Lew Adams. "The city seemed to satisfy that a lot better than the northern Adirondacks." Shannon Adams, 25, a fixed-income accountant at Cantor Fitzgerald, set up the perfect bachelor pad in Astoria with two friends in the finance world. "They had their huge big TV screen with all their sports, their full music wall," his mother said. "They had a huge fish tank with man-eating fish or whatever they're called." And they had a favorite bar where his friends gathered for an Irish wake. And when they went up north for his memorial service, they filled up all the motels in a 15-mile radius. I grew up in the same hometown as Shannon did. I knew him when he was younger. His family still lives behind my father. I want to extend my deepest sympathy to his family and offer them my prayers. He will be missed