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Terrance Aiken's youngest baby was a burgundy Jaguar, a four-door sedan he had bought secondhand and painstakingly restored. Every weekend, he piled his children, Terrease, Kanan, and Andre, into the back seat and set off for a leisurely drive. He often bragged to his wife, Kimberly Trimingham-Aiken, that he looked good driving that car. He told her that she looked good, too, on the few occasions that he let her drive. A former pro basketball player in the Philippines, Mr. Aiken, 30, taught himself about computers by taking apart a clunky I.B.M. desktop that he salvaged from the Salvation Army. He later filled his home in Staten Island with computers, and just this month, started working as a computer consultant for Marsh & McLennan. Mr. Aiken had wanted to save enough money for a larger house, and another Jaguar fixer-upper for himself. "We were making plans," Mrs. Aiken said. "You never think that tomorrow you won't be here to follow through on those plans."