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In his 58 years, William Abrahamson generated enduring circles of friends. There was the Public School 8 schoolyard group, from his childhood in Brooklyn Heights. There were his colleagues from the Federal Reserve Bank, who met in the late 1960s and remained closest friends ever since. As the men scattered to different states, it was Mr. Abrahamson, a business analyst at Marsh & McLennan, who kept the group together. "He was the quieter guy, very secure about who he was," said Ann Abrahamson, his wife of 25 years. In a group of strong personalities, she said, "he was the mediator, always above the squabbles." When their son, Erik, was born 11 years ago, Mr. Abrahamson, like many older fathers, looked upon the boy as a gift and a mission. "Erik was his pride and joy," Mrs. Abrahamson said. "All he wanted was to see him grow up." You, as well as all the other people who died, did not deserve to die that way. You served your country proudly in the U.S. Marine Corps and -- if you remember the words to the Marine Corp Hymn -- you have found that the streets of heaven are guarded by the United States Marines. So now you join their ranks and I salute you. I am sure of one thing, that the people who killed you are not sharing that honor. Put in a good word for us up there and I hope to be there with you someday helping you to guard those streets.